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Chris and Paul discuss the MLB All-Star Game uniforms, which were horrible. Or was it just that Chris and Paul are too old to appreciate uniforms designed to appeal to younger fans? It all leads to a really good discussion.

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Chris and Paul return with a look back at MLB's infamous 1999 "Turn Ahead the Clock" program, which was supposed to represent the year 2021. Plus an assessment at MLB's City Connect uni program so far.
This week, Paul and Chris spend an hour-plus answering listener-submitted questions about uniforms and logos.
With the NFL Draft taking place this week, Chris and Paul address a bunch of NFL topics, including why Tom Brady doesn't like the league's new uni-numbering rules, the 49ers' 75th-anniversary patch, and the role of jerseys and caps at the draft.
This week, Chris and Paul talk about the Cincinnati Bengals' new uniforms, MLB's new Armed Forces Day caps, and the possibility of the NHL adding jersey ad patches.