Episode 4: Heroes of Zero, Plus NFL and NHL News

With the Mets almost ending up with Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker wearing No. 0 and No. 00 on the same team (Walker ended up going with No. 99 instead), Chris and Paul take a deep discussion dive into the unusual power of these unusual uniform numbers — zero and double-zero.

Plus they discuss the Jaguars’ redesignation of teal as their primary jersey color; the news that the Washington Football Team won’t have a new name until at least 2022; Adidas’s decision to sell off Reebok; and which of the NHL’s Reverse Retro uniforms deserve to be upgraded to primary status.

Here are some photos of things discussed in the episode, in the rough order that they come up:

  • Here’s the gold-trimmed Mark Brunell-era Jaguars uniform that Paul wishes the team would go back to.
  • The 1985 Blue Jays are the only MLB team to have a No. 0 (Al Oliver) and a No. 00 (Cliff Johnson) on the roster simultaneously.
  • Taijuan Walker opted not to wear double-zero because that number is already worn by the Mets’ costumed mascot, Mr. Met.
  • Walker isn’t the first player to butt uni-numerical heads with Mr. Met. Back in 2003, Tony Clark briefly wore No. 00, but fans complained that he “stole” the number from Mr. Met, so Clark changed to No. 52.
  • Benito Santiago famously wore No. 09 for the Marlins and Padres. He said he did it because he didn’t like the way the vertical strap of his chest protector cut through the single numeral, so he switched to the two-numeral version.
  • It’s unusual for MLB pitchers to wear single-digit numbers. But Marcus Stroman has now worn three different single-digit numbers during the past few seasons.
  • Paul loved it when the Rays and Dodgers both had single-digit pitchers during Game Six of last year’s World Series — Blake Snell for Tampa Bay and Julio Urías for L.A. It was the first time that’s ever happened for both teams in the same Series game.
  • More than a dozen NBA teams have had 0 and 00 on the roster simultaneously (more on that here). That includes the current Trail Blazers, who have wearing Damian Lillard wearing zero and Carmelo Anthony wearing double-zero.
  • Nos. 0 and 00 are not currently allowed in the NFL. Decades ago, however, they were worn by Obert Logan, Ken Burrough, and Jim Otto.
  • 0 and 00 are currently illegal in the NHL as well, but those numbers have previously been worn by Neil Sheehy, John Davidson, and Martin Biron.
  • In 1969, when college football was celebrating its 100th anniversary, a handful of players wore No. 100 (you can learn more about that here), including Kansas kicker Bill Bell.
  • Regarding our listener-submitted Question of the Week, Chris would like to see the Kings’ purple Reverse Retro uniform upgraded to primary status, while Paul would like to see the same for the Bruins’ yellow Reverse Retro design.
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