Episode 9: Talking with Dodgers Design Director Ross Yoshida

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This week, Chris and Paul welcome their first guest to the program: Ross Yoshida, who’s the Senior Director of Graphic Design for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You might think he doesn’t have a lot to do, since the Dodgers’ visual identity is so traditional and unchanging, but he’s designed lots of the team’s sleeve patches, fixed their iconic script after it somehow got altered, and a lot more. This is the first installment of a two-part interview that with him, which we think you’ll really enjoy.

Plus we also have the latest uni-related news of the past week, our weekly listener-submitted question, and more.

Here are photos and links regarding some of the things discussed in this episode, in the rough order that they come up:

  • Here’s Paul’s analysis of the Mets bringing back their black jerseys.
  • Sure enough, shortly after we talked about how the Marlins were reportedly going to sell off the naming rights to their ballpark, they went ahead and made the announcement.
  • You can see some of the WNBA’s newly leaked jersey designs — with ads on the back instead of the front — here, here, and here.
  • Here are some of the commemorative patches that Ross Yoshida has designed for the Dodgers.
  • Here’s a close look at the proper versions of the Dodgers’ home and road scripts, both of which Ross revised after they had been slightly corrupted over the years.
  • Here’s a comparison of the team’s official “LA” logo and the longstanding cap and helmet logos.
  • Here are the Fresno Grizzlies Tacos uniforms that helped start the whole “Let’s rename our minor league team after a local food” trend.

That’s it for this episode. We’ll have Part Two of our interview with Ross next week.

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